New year update

This year we have several new features planned that we are really excited about. The next couple of weeks we will tell and show you what we have in store the next months. We are however not only working on larger projects, already several improvements have been made in the system since we entered the new year.


  • General
    – All webservices have implemented new logging routines to make it easier to help developers using the services
  • TimeService
    – Two new search parameters to filter on time started: TimeStart and TimeStop.
  • PersonService
    –  New method: DeleteRelation()
  • InvoiceSerivce
    – Distributing invoices now checks the distribution log to see if the invoice is already in the process of being distributed (status 1 or 2)
    – Transfer-method now sends if distribution is set on invoice
    – New search parameters for GetInvoices: InvoiceIds (array of invoice ids) and OrderIds (array of order ids)
    – New method: GetDistributionLogByIds(invoiceIds[]). Returns all log entries for the specified array of ids.
    – TotalCost is now calculated and saved
    – Fixed a bug causing ProjectId not to be returned when using GetInvoices
  • ProjectService
    – New search parameter: AllOpenProjects
    – Fixed a bug causing a property to always be false regardless of actual value
  • PaymentService
    – Comment can now be added to the payment
    – New method: RegisterInvoicePayments() for saving payments in bulk


  • Fixed a problem where new currencies couldn’t be created
  • Added function to open an invoice directly from the supplier/customer ledger


  • Help now opens in new window


  • Salesopportunities, Owner is now automatically added
  • Custom tabs, added a field that can show the sum of a range of other fields
  • CRMLite, New button group on toolbar in CRM Lite: “Go to”. Contains Classic CRM and Task list.


  • HTML print, change specification of invoice to select directly from the hour/cost specification
  • Changed the calculation of repeating invoice ammount in the repeating invoice list to account for days and weeks
  • HTML print, added specification to merged invoices
  • See invoice release notes for updates on the new invoice module


  • DnB factoring XML
    – Make sure that the Field customer from invoice is correct on the export. The correct field is <DebtorVATNbr>
  • SIE export, fixed a bug relating to voucher type


  • SIE import, added function to specify voucher type