Imports, exports and reports

New features for exporting, importing and analyzing data.

Raw data export

Over the last years we have seen a steadily increasing demand from customers to be able to export data from the system. In the menu you will now find the option Administration->Raw data export

For now we have included the following exports:

  • Invoice with cart lines
  • Commission
  • Product
  • Department
  • Budget
  • Project budget
  • Chart of accounts
  • Sales opportunities


In addition, we do have the widely used raw data export in the general ledger report. Not finding what you are looking to export, please let us know. These exports makes it easy to integrate with other systems or transfer them to other systems like Excel or Numbers for further analysis.



As we added the ability to export a budget, we also included a function for importing one. You will find this function in the menu under Administration->Import. The export and import significantly speeds up the process of working with and creating budgets as Excel excels at this kind of work.

We have also added a function for importing a transaction list. This makes it possible to import from any system as long as you are able to save the result as a CSV file. Included in this function is a validator that gives you feedback on errors in the file so that you don’t need to fix a lot of errors after importing it to the accounting module.



Product sales

The system already has a very good report for analyzing invoices. This report does however not include the ability to analyze down at each individual row and product of an invoice. Now the report “Product Sales” has been added to the invoice module. This report is built on the same principles as the Invoice and Time tracking reports and provides:

  • A plethora of filters and ways to aggregate results
  • Ability to aggregate sums in two levels
  • Save reports you often run
  • Share reports with you coworkers
  • Relative dates makes reports reusable
  • Export to excel

The ability to let you aggregate on two levels is a very powerful function that lets you view data in a lot of different ways. You can see how much your salesreps have sold on your marketing campaigns, you can see how much you have sold of your different product categories to your different customer categories and a lot of different ways that gives you the insight you need.

You find the report here: Administration->Reports->Order/Invoice->Product sales