Finally, changes

As you all have experienced we threw ourselves down the rabbit hole about 2 years ago. Now we have emerged and our whole development process, tools, practices and patterns have changed. This has been a hard and bumpy ride where we have gained a massive amount of experience. Thanks for the patience from everyone around us in this process. Finally this giant investement in new technology is starting to pay off and the fruits are ripe for harvest.


CRM Lite

  • Added field City for UK addresses in
  • Fixed a bug where addresses was saved incorrecty when adding from Enhetsregisteret
  • Added ability to swap between customer and contact view when looking at a consumer in CRM
  • Fixed bug where new consumer where set to private


Custom forms

  • Added ability to show links



  • Fixed a bug relating to caching when adding a new product to an order
  • Invoice and order list, added filter for delivery date
  • Merge orders now sets delivery method to the default settings on the customer
  • Commission, added sum of commission pr recipient



  • Added “Status 2” to project tasks to make it possible to indicate progress. Field is also shown in Planning and project task report


Stay tuned, several new features are going to be released the next couple of weeks.