Changes week 9

While we are working hard on the new solution for printing and distributing invoices and the new bank module we have been able to do several improvements to the system. A new report, two reports have split into four and a lot of bugfixes.

For those of you interested in our major projects (invoice distribution and bank) we are happy to say that we expect both of them to enter the test phase in April and beta versions are expected in May




  • P&L report, fixed several bugs
  • Voucher journal, fixed a bug that made icons disappear when using IE in compat mode
  • P&L report, split in two reports. One is based on the date of the posting in the GL the other on the period of the posting in the GL.
    This is done to make it easier to filter on the right criteria and remove the date/period confusion. This also applies to the balance report


  • Fixed a bug that appeared when deleting untreated incoming payments in bank module


  • Made it possible to print an invoice reminder based solely on the customer ledger (and not on the data from the invoice module)


  • Made it possible to create a subtask from the widget om the project mainpage again
  • Fixed a bug relating to changing the date of several tasks at once in project planning
  • Added logging of changes in project properties
  • Added a view of a projects log in project properties


  • Removed Snapengage integration (used for feedback to customer service), will be replaced shortly by new and improved function
  • Fixed a bug relating to creating new community accounts when you were already signed into an account


  • When creating a contact based on an e-mail you can now set the visibility of the contact private/public


  • Added the new “Activity report”. This report is primarily used to measure the activity of a sales organization and focuses on the tasks connected to that in the system.
    It includes the feature other reports in the system has that makes it possible to save and re-use a configuration of the report. We highly recommend everyone to check out this feature, as it can save you a lot of time. Read more about the report here: (in Norwegian)


Changes week 9

Bugfixes and a new report