Changes week 34

Here at 24SevenOffice we have had a great summer and we hope you have too. Even though the summer has been nice we have got a lot of work done. Below you will find a roundup of all the changes in the system the last month.


  • BalanceService
    BalanceService calls are now being logged in the webservice log table, and you can now use the new authentication method as well for authentication.
  • TimeService
    WebService did not have a property for NeedApproval. Property is now added and can be get/set.
  • InvoiceService
    – SaveInvoice(): Fixed a bug when using GETTEXT to get Company Information on the invoice. Delivery name should now be added.
    – New method: UpdateExternalStatus
  • New service : PaymentService
    New webservice for registering a payment to an invoice.
  •  ProductService
    – New field and feature in SaveProduct: UpdateProductNo. If UpdateProductNo is set to true, it will update the productNo to whatever is set in the ProductItem.
    – Now exposes MinimumStock, StockLocation and OrderProposal. The three fields are now exposed when getting the list of product. They will also be saved and updated when using the SaveProduct method.
    – Now Exposes Status


  • Supplierledger
    BugFix, Printerfrendly version now shows invoicenumber
  • VAT report
    Made it possible to use date intervals instead of predefined periods.
  • Income statement
    Drill down from the income statements will only open one window for each drill down with back and forward buttons instead.


  • HTMLPrint
    – BugFix,  Correct price shown when taxfree products are in the cart
    – The printout showed the state Invoiced on invoiced interest notes. Changed to display the state “Interest note”.
    – New tag ##InvoiceCity##
    – Bug in the html print when using Balance list template from the reminder module.
  • Reminder
    – Added function to automatically send reminders by e-mail when changing reminder status. This, if that one has chosen “Send e-mail” as the default invoicing method.
    – Added option to select whether you want to print reminders, or send them by email.
  • OrderState
    BugFix, The query used the order date instead of delivery date.
  • Invoice 2.0
    Several new features and bugfixes see releasenotes for details


  • History
    BugFix, The order by date function did not work properly
  • ClickToCall
    The “click-to-call”-image is removed from CRM. A tooltip for the small “telephone” icon is added.


  • Inventory, new function added that makes it possible to update location while updating inventory


  • Added title and gender to the contact/consumer import


  • Project list report, There was an error when exporting numbers with infinite value to excel.


  • Right click on an email to search for other emails from sender
  • Right click on an email to add task or appointment