Changes week 46

Although we are heavily invested in the release of the new accounting module on Nov 19, we have found time to make changes and improvements on other parts of the system as well. In addition to this we have several new features soon to be released:
– Several new widgets and improvements on existing in dashboard
– Upgrade of a projects first page
– New form for adding customers in accounting and CRM module
– New version of user defined forms
– New version of invoice templates

This update also include 52 minor bugfixes.



  • TransactionService
    – New property: CurrencyUnit
    – New search paramater: HasInvoiceId
    – New search parameter: CustomerId
  • ProductService
    – New property: ProductItem. Price2
  • ¬†SalesOpportunityService
    – New property: Owner
    – New property: CreatedBy
  • New version: TemplateService
    Used for manipulating user defined forms
    Read more here
    – New property: Types
    – New property: TemplateField.DefaultValue
  • ProjectService
    – New method: GetProjectTypes
  • TimeService
    Р NewMethod: GetCosts


  • New version of Custom fields deployed to selected customers



  • ProductStatus, show additional information on a product, available from context menu in cart
  • If Visit address is used as Delivery address the customers name is automatically added as delivery name
  • New feature, ProductSearch. A new and more efficient way to work with products. Read more in this post
  • Set customer discount, available in context menu in cart. Useful when copying an invoice and changing the customer. Discount will be updated to reflect the new customers discounts
  • Added functionality to set user defined dimensions
  • Added setting for showing inprice when creating an invoice, useful when you dont want to show prices to a person peeking over your shoulder
  • Ability to add several products to cart from product list



  • Added functionality to generate a PDF based on a PO that can be sent as an attachment



  • Hourreport now shows totals in aggregated view



  • Import module has been changed to accept CSV files instead of Excel. This is a change we were forced to do due to changes implemented in the latest version of JavaVM



  • Added sorting to deleted items to make the last deleted items appear first in the list