Changes February

At the moment we have just finished the first version of our rest (Representational State Transfer) based version of our core system. We are now in the process of integrating this in our two ongoing projects. The new Bank integration module is progressing fine and we are eager to see how the new ISO 20022 format will work. Invoice print is the second project we are working on, as you may know we worked on this project during the fall and have now picked up the ball again as the new version of our Core is finished.

As usual we have been able to make some additional fixes, listed below, but our main focus is to finish the ongoing projects.

We think accountants will be very pleased this time around with the new ability to import accounting bundles.

In other news we have also lunched new documentation for our customers in Sweden and English is right around the corner.


Import Accounting


  • PersonService
    – Added property: EmployeeNumber
  • CompanyService
    – Fixed a bug that set IsPrivate to false regardless of old value
    – Fixed a bug so that DeleteCompany actually works as intended
  • ProductService
    – Fixed a bug where an exception was thrown when updating category
  • AccountService
    – Fixed a bug causing GetEntryId to use wrong EntryYear
    – Fixed a bug where TransactionTypeNo was not saved when saving directly to SubEntry
  • InvoiceService
    – Fixed a bug related to Discount on a row
    – Fixed a bug in┬áthe transfer routine related to PriceInExludingVAT
    – Fixed a bug relating to update of of orders where new rows are added
  • AttachmentService
    – Performance upgrade
    – Now returns frame info
  • PaymentService
    – Now accepts PaymentMethodID



  • New import TransactionList
    Allows bundles to be imported into accounting system. Includes a validation of data before final import to accounting module. Soon to handle flexible dimensions as well.
  • CompanyImport
    – Added CpmpanyPaymentTime
    – Added CompanyPaymentTimeSupplier
  • ProductImport
    – Added ProductPriceGroup
  • RepeatingInvoiceImport
    – Added several fields for specifying DeliveryInformation



  • Added GlobalLocationNumber (GLN) to CRMLite. Note, no validation of the number is done. Number is transferred to Invoice if specified



  • Invoice
    – Added GLN number
  • Invoice and order list
    – Added GLN number
  • Invoice print
    – Added GLN number
  • Added interface for administering payment types. Contact customer service if you would like to use this feature.
  • Bugfix related to VAT in invoice list



  • Added new company registration form to both retrieval and posting.
    Note, it is no longer possible to add bank account number when creating a new company, but the bank account number on the invoice will be saved on the company when the invoice is transferred to the general ledger so it isn’t necessary to save this when creating the company.



  • Project Invoicing
    – Removed inactive hours from the invoice list
    – Now shows all projects in the list, not only restricted ones
    – Several minor bugfixes and tweaks
  • Bugfix related to adding costs to a invoice base


Custom forms

  • Custom forms can now be restricted. Contact customer service if you would like to use this feature



  • General bugfix making buttons work better