Accounting, Dashboard and CRM Lite

Today we release a large update of the system that includes new versions of Accounting, Dashboard and CRM Lite modules.

CRM Lite


  • Scanned vouchers are now showed in the correct order in all views
  • The function that saves the pictures that are added to a stampnumber in Retrieval has been improved to handle large amounts of pictures. This removes the error that somtimes occured when 50+ images were added.
  • The OCR queue in Retrieval is now sorted correctly
  • Fixed a bug that made comments added in Approval not be transferred correctly to Posting
  • Sorting of stampnumber series are now done low->high in Retrieval
  • Approval rules are now triggered in Approval. It is important to note that if a voucher includes several projects or departments then rules will not be triggered.
  • Properties box in Approval and Posting had a face lift
  • Export to Excel from approval list has been fixed
  • Reversing a voucher now copies all information from original voucher
  • When creating a new bundle in Posting just press space to start working
  • Search voucher
    – Added columns: Posting date, Amount in currency, Currency,
    – Improved “Edit voucher” function to include all dimensions (also user defined) and due date
  • Added export to Excel in Settings->Accounts



  • Several bugfixes to improve overall stability, error handling and browser compatibility


CRM Lite

  • Functions for adding companies and contacts upgraded
  • Functions for relating a customer and company upgraded
  • Included search in “Enhetsregisteret” for Norwegian¬†users
  • New left side menu