Week 10 release

Week 10 release, with new features in invoice, CRM and project modules

Not invoiced costs


Added new tags to KPprinter
<DB:StockLocation> = Invoice_Order.StockLocation
<CustomerIdExternal> = CRM_Customer.Imported_CustomerNo

– The user can now choose between Classic CRM og CRM Lite. A button to go to each other is added in both versions. The choice is stored in each browser using a cookie. Non-IE users will still always get CRM Lite

– The box “Hours” on project overview will now also display the total estimate on for the project tasks. You’ll find it after the label “Project tasks estimate”
– Added functionality to clean up quick list by removing all projects with a non-active status from quick list. The option is available for the option-menu in quick list on project landingpage.
– New report “Not invoiced costs”. Gives you the ability to check if there are cost items on a project that should be invoiced.