Update week 38

Lots of new features this time around. Since last update we have also made a major update to the new accounting module. If you would like to know more regarding the new accounting module we have made a movie that explains the main features (in Norwegian)

In other but news we have also updated our graphical profile. We have a new logo and in the next months we will update other parts of the system to fit this new profile. Read more about the new logo and what it represents here 



  • Added invoice number to manually registered invoices in ledger report
  • Age distributed ledger, only invoices are shown as age distributed, credit notes and payments are included in total and payments
  • Added tooltip on the column reminderid in customer ledger



  • Limit!
    All services will now block users with more than 7200 requests per hour.
    We have implemented this to ensure that a programming error or excessive usage wont make the system sluggish
  • Beta release of new service ClientService
    Read more: http://help.24sevenoffice.com/index.php?title=API:ClientService
  • Beta release of new service CompanyService
    Read more: http://help.24sevenoffice.com/index.php?title=API:CompanyService
  • CompanyService
    – New property in CompanyItem: DeliveryName
    – New function: SaveCategory, will add or update a category
    – New function: DeleteCategory, deletes an exsisting category
  • ProjectService
    – GetProjectsDetailed now supports search parameteres
    – Fixed a bug causing some fields not to be udated when using SaveProject
    – Added ability to define Id of a new project
  • AttachmentService
    – Now saves in the appropriate file format
  • InvoiceService
    – New property: TypeOfSaleId
    – AccrualDate and AccrualLength properties added to both InvoiceItem and InvoiceRowItem
  • TransactionService
    – New property: Id
    – New property: InvoiceNo
    – New property: SequenceNo
    – New property: SystemType
    – New property: Dimensions
    – New property: RegistrationDate
    – New property: DueDate
    – New search parameter: TransactionNoStart and TransactionNoEnd
    – New search parameter: TransactionTypeId
    – New search parameter: SystemType
    – New search parameter: RegisteredAfter
  • InvitationService
    – You can now disable invitation email using the new method ShareProjectDetailed
  • ProductService
    – New search parameter: EAN
  • AccountingService
    – New property : EntryYearId in GetFiscalYears
  • AuthenticateService
    – Added authentication by token



  • In price is now fetched from product instead of cost when adding costs



  • CrmLite:
    – Added function for creating new invoice directly from customer
    – Removed error message if user lacks access to calendar
    – Updated translations
    – Added new tab for viewing invoices
    – Several enhancements to sales opportunity
    – Categories now appear in alfabetical order



  • Added field “Payment method” in invoice list, order list, CRM invoice list and invoice report
  • Added function for creating consumer customer
  • By right clicking on an invoice in Invoice list or CRM Lite you can now send invoice details by SMS



  • Removed the possibility to change account type from IMAP to POP3.



  • Renamed columns in project list report to make it easier to understand
  • Multiduplicating, select several tasks in planning and right click to duplicate several tasks



  • Added column “Outstanding claims” to states 1-4