Update week 11

Since the inception of this blog we have never had so much to tell you as we do this week. We have reached several important milestones the last couple of days. As per usual we also have a lot of other updates. And make sure you check out the recently updated Invoice release notes as well.


New dashboard released
First of all we have released the new version of the system dashboard in open beta this week. We have improved every aspect of the system and are eagerly awaiting your feedback. You can find an interesting article explaining our goals for the new dashboard here (in Norwegian).

New menu
We have also pulled out our crayons and brushed up the menu to give it a more exciting and fresh look.

Scanning and approval of invoices
This week is also the launch of our early bird program for the new system for scanning and approval of vouchers. Several customers have started using the system this week and more will come onboard the next couple of weeks. We are planning the release of the open beta version in the beginning of May, if you cant wait until the to give it a try drop us an e-mail at qa@24sevenoffice.com to sign up. There is limited number of seats available so we cant promise everyone that they will be able to get in before the public launch.

Last Friday we closed our authentication system for all methods other than the personal authentication. We have made this change to make it possible to implement differentiated security levels in the future.

Since last update we have also implemented a lot of other features and changes in the system:


  • PaymentService
    – PaymentMethodId can now be set on a payment
  • ProjectService
    – New method: SaveProject()
  •  PersonService
    – New method: GetPersonIdByCompanyId(). Returns the ContactId that corresponds to the given CompanyId (For private customers)
  • ProductService
    – SaveProducts now returns all saved products(better for syncronization jobs)
    – New property and search parameter in GetProduct()
    – New method: GetFullPriceLists()
  • InvoiceService
    – Fixed a bug causing cart lines to have wrong vat rate
    – Fixed a bug in commission
  • SalesOppService
    – New search parameter: DateRegAfter
  • FileService
    – now handles uploading files with a name that already exists (adds copy to name)
  • New feature!!
    – AttachmentService now has methods available to download an voucher based on StampNo

Time tracking

  • Added the possibility to specify customer on a cost(for multi customer projects)


  • Added functionality in project invoicing

Repeating Invoice

  • Added “Expiration date”. Makes it possible to specify the date when the repeating invoice should expire.

And 15 other minor changes