Release notes Accounting

Following the release of the new Accounting module earlier this summer we will continue to update the system frequently in the months that follow. This post will be updated with every new release and we will also update you on what we are planning to do.


Previous releases:


  • General
    – All external views of a voucher now supports arrow up/down for scrolling
    – Numerous bugfixes
  • Posting
    – Approval notification is now sent when a voucher is approved in Posting
    – When in posting, clicking the posting button will refresh the bundle list
  • Approval
    – The columns Project and Department are now editable



  • Retrieval
    – OCR queue, visual improvements and  translation
    – Added ability to zoom images
  • Approval
    – Added ability to do calculations in amount field
    – Added ability to zoom images
    – Added ability to scroll images when zoomed. Hold down CTRL and move the mouse pointer over the image
    – Added new fixed dimensions, Employee and Purchase order. These are not available in any reports yet
  •  Settings
    – Account plan, added print, ability to open in new window and several filter options
    – Added new setting, Currency
  • Postings
    – Added new fixed dimensions, Employee and Purchase order. These are not available in any reports yet


  • Rules
    Ability to add 3 types of rules. Amount, project and fixed. Rules will be triggered by the new icon in the approval list.
  • Notifications
    The user can now define how he wants to be notified when he has a new voucher to approve. There are two basic choices either an email right away or a timed email based on the users preferences. To adjust the default setup goto Notification in Settings
  • Settings
    – Departments
    Have been added to settings
    – Entry Types
    Settings for default account, project and department are now implemented in booking
  • Retrieval
    – OCR list
    Added a new function that show the status of vouchers sent to the system that has not appeared in inbox
  • Approval
    – Comments
    The way comments are entered have been changed. If you would like to add a comment to a voucher make sure the “Add comment” checkbox is checked, a popup will appear after Approve has been clicked where the comment can be entered.
    – Postings
    The first posting will be based on the Voucher information. The next lines that are added will be based on previous lines
    – Sum
    The sum of postings will be calculated to show if the postings are balanced
    – Colour codes
    Changed the colour of assigned to yellow so that posting and approval shows this in the same way
  • Postings
    – Entry Number
    If a voucher contains postings while it is in approval process the Entry Number column in Posting will reflect the state of the voucher instead of “AUTO”
    – Amount in Postings
    Now has the ability to make simple calculations (add a = first to do calculations). You can also write N before the amount to automatically calculate amount based on the net amount.
  • OCR
    – Blank page adjustment
    – Added support for infinite CPU cores
    – Added additional hardware
    – Sending receipts with more detailed description on failed vouchers
  • EHF
    – Added delivery location to image-generated voucher
    – Corrected orderno to contain the right value under some circumstances
    – Fixed so the itemid from the sender is used under some circumstances
    – Support for multi VAT subtotals



  • New features
    – Ability to Create Update Read and Delete the accounting proposal in Approval
    –  Ability to zoom external view in Retrieval and Bookkeeping
    –  Normalization of company names when using directory service
    – VAT calculation is done on the server side, only for Norwegian users
    –  New column for specifying deduction of VAT
    – Improved the presentation of EHF invoices
    – Added icons to indicate searchable fields in Accounting  information in Approval
  • Bug fixes
    – Attachment position is accounted for in attachment browser



  • New setting available from “Settings” in Accounting
    – Accounts
    – Entry types
    – Entry series
    – Fiscal periods


  • New features
  • Debit and credit added to approval
  • Added ability to define attachment series
    The series are defined under settings in the accounting module. In the retrieval module the setting “Use attachment series” must be checked for it to appear. This feature is very useful when several people are scanning vouchers. Can also be used to differentiate between scanned and electronic invoices.
  • Link to courses added to dashboard
  • Added reminder to check old email adress when a user is furiously clicking on the Update button in Retrieval
  • Replaced garbage bin icon in Bookkeeping
  • Added search icons inline in input boxes in Retrieval
  • Added confirmation dialog when deleting a picture in Retrieval
  • CTRL+ENTER now adds a new line in the middle of a bundle in Bookkeeping.
  • Added a setting that lets you choose wheter or not OCR data should automatically populate a new stamp number
  • Using the directory search for adding new suppliers now requires that the user has access to the feature
  • Renamed the “Book” button in Bookkeeping to “Complete” to better reflect that different actions can be performed when pressing this button
  • Added an input box for adding comments when approving a voucher in Bookkeeping
  • New setting available from “Settings” in Accounting
    – Accounts
    – Entry types
    – Entry series
    – Attachment series
    – Fiscal periods
  • BUGS
  • Fixed a bug in retrieval regarding hotkeys in IE
  • Fixed a bug in regeneration of entry numbers
  • Taxcode on tax accounts is now automatically added in bookkeeping
  • Search for projects in Retrieval has been sped up
  • Fixed a bug relating to sequence of entry numbers in Bookkeeping
  • Improved the function for using blank pages as dividers
  • Fixed a bug when adding a stamp number with currency defined in Bookkeeping
  • Fixed a bug relating to decimal numbers in Amount in Retrieval