Planned changes in September/October

Planned changes in September/October. In the beginning of October we will add releasenotes the the new voucher registration in the same way we are keeping you updated on the invoice module

Time tracking
– Adding the ability to aggregate results in two levels in the new time tracking report.
– Adding the ability to search for a customers nickname during registration

– New general setting to determine if a project should default be rights managed or not
– Planning, when importing an existing project plan add a feature to determine in dates should be automatically adjusted.
– Planning, add a function to adjust dates for the whole project plan

– Adding a new tab in CRMLite showing all sales opportunities relating to the customer with ability to sort and filter
– Adding the ability to delete sales opportunities from CRMLite

– Change the way the system works when an administrator overrides approver. When the administrator is approver the second approver will not be overridden.
– Show and filter on approver in the “Search entries” report
– Show log relating to a voucher in approving