New version of invoice module

As we continue on our journey to make the best invoice system a new release with several new features and bugfixes is out.

This update addresses several issues that has made it difficult for some customers to make to move the the new version. A date for termination of the old version has not been set but we advice all customers to move to the new version. The new version is improved significantly since its initial release and if there should be any outstanding issues we would very much like to get feedback on it as soon as possible. Please let our customer service know if there is anything preventing you from making the move.


  • When adding a customer to an invoice the system will check if the customer is registered in ELMA and can recieve an electronic invoice. If yes the user will be given a choice to send the invoice electronically. This change only applies to norwegian customers.
  • General optimization to reduce load times
  • For customers testing the new invoice print function new fields have been added:
    Item_ProductCode, Item_ProductStock, Item_ProductAvailable, Item_ProductStockLocation, Item_ProductShortDescription, Item_TypeOfSale
  • Fixed a bug in order messages
  • Fixed a bug on order transfer
  • Fixed a bug in invoice list: interval search on invoice date
  • Increased the max length on most fields
  • Fixed a bug in IE11 that made it crash when clearing fields
  • The system gives a better error message when a dimension is requiered on a certain account
  • The order list now shows the right % of invoice items that can be delivered
  • New setting for sending invoice as e-mail
  • Added max length on fields when registering a product and customer
  • Several minor bugfixes