Changes week 8

Roundup of the last weeks changes to the system. In addition to the changes described we have made 27 minor changes. In the API we have a new service in beta version that delivers transactions from the accounting system. If you are interested in testing this new service please contact


API 24SevenOffice


  • Product Service
    –  New method: SaveProducts(). To save several products at once
  • FileInfoService
    – GetFolderContentInfo will now create folders for project/customer if the folder structure is not added.
    – GetFolderContentInfo now accepts ContactId as parameter
  • CompanyService
    – New search parameter: HideInactive. Used in conjunction with ConsumerCompanyNo search parameter
    – New method: GetCompanyIdFromConsumerCompanyNo(string consumerCOmpanyNo, bool hideInactive)
  • Invoice Service
    – BankAccountNoSender is now being set

Time Tracking

  • Time tracking report
    – Added Orderid, ProjectId, Invoice Amount, Start time and Stop time added to excel eksport
    – ProjectId added to list
    – Project can be preselected as a filter
  • Approve hours and cost will list Projects where user is Project leader


  • Reports
    – Supplier ledger, Added “Project” and “Department” columns.
    – Reports will always open in a new window. If you open a report twice the first report will no longer be replaced by the last one.
    – Repeating invoice report, added the column “Next invoice date” and added the ability to hide text lines.


  • Mouseover on filenames and folders