Changes week 45

As usual there are a lot of changes to the API, we have also made several improvements to the project plan. Users working across time zones will be pleased to see that we have fixed the problem relating to time zones in time tracking. For an update on the new invoice module check the release notes.



  • When receiving large result-set in the project task report (>500 rows) the user is prompted, and warned of possible long run-time, before result is fully delivered.
  • Made links on project tasks description clickable
  • Made links on project wall clickable
  • Participants, the email address that an invitation is sent to is the one that is shown
  • Made it possible to decide if an imported project plan should start from the original or new plan
  • Made it possible to change dates on the whole project plan


  • Added customer address information for each payment. Only displayed if the bank integration provides this information. (Nets OCR Giro does not provide this, only CREMUL, maybe BGC).


  • Company service
    – Added a lot of new fields.
    Profit, IndustryId, ShareCapital, Turnover, Employees, PaymentOptions, AltCustomerNo, MemberNo, DateChanged.
    To get these fields, you have to use GetCompaniesDetailed and set the search parameter IncludeAdditionalFields to true.
    – New Methods: GetDiscountMatrix(customerId)
    – Exposing new property: BlockedForInvoice
  • ClientService
    – New method: GetCRMIndustries()
    This method gets a list of CRM Industries/lines set in the client’s settings.
  • InvoiceService
    – ChangeInvoice()-method now can Add, Edit and Delete rows for orders with certain statuses.
    –  InvoiceRows now expose their unique Id for use in ChangeItem when using the GetInvoicesWithRows method
    –  New method: GetChangeItem(long orderIdd): Returns a ChangeItem for the specified order
  • ProductService
    – Fixed a bug in SaveProduct
  • PersonService
    – New search parameter: Role


  • Sets focus in the search field after selecting search in “all folders”, “inbox” or “sent elements”
  • Sorting on sent items and to field now sorts the right way.

Time tracking

  • Patch for time zone
  • Change in rights management relating to reports. This makes it possible for everyone to open the new time tracking report. If the user doesn´t have rights to see colleagues hours he will only see his own.
  • Made it possible to select a blank salary type
  • Altered paging in hour report
  • Added summary for total invoice hours in hour report
  • Fixed aggregation in hour report
  • Added preview to invoice plan item and added functionality to check if product is supplied


  • Projects are now opened correctly from CRM


  • Made it possible to open a product from product count