Changes week 40

Summary of the last weeks changes in the system. Customers using the API and approval will be particularly pleased this time around.


  • Wall feed added
  • Access right check on edit buttons on property tab


  • Action links are now always visible. You no longer need to select item to be able to accept, reject or do other actions.


  • Added import of accounting accounts
  • SIE import now accepts unbalanced SIE files


  • Search entires
    – Added option to search on approver
  • Rights management
    – Added “Scanned vouchers” to the rights management
  • Approval
    – The bank account is shown when you edit a transaction posting in the view of approval
    – The user may see the history at the bottom of the stamps in the big view of the scanned vouchers
    – Admin of a client may only transfer his own stamps to another approval if he/she is one of the approvals. If the admin is not one of the approvals he/she will override the set of approvals with the new approval

Time tracking

  • Time tracking report
    – Added aggregation features. Made possible to aggregate hours in two levels
    – Added export to Excel (not avaliable when aggregation is used)


  • Visit address is shown as default option on map and road direction
  • Made it possible to delete salesopportunities from crmlite


  • TimeService
    – New method: AddCost()
    – GetHours now exposes Costs, and Costs will be saved with SaveHour.
  • ProjectService
    – Added new field in Task: WorkTypeId
    – Fixed a bug in GetProjectTasks
  • ProductService
    – New parameter in search: IncludeLabelCategories
    – New property on ProductItem: PriceGroupId
    – Added two new methods; one for getting the DiscountMatrix and one to get a list of price groups.
    –  Added the possibility to set the TypeGroupSettings on a ProductItem
    – Fixed a bug in ProjectService.UpdatePriceList()
  • InvoiceService
    – Distributon options added to Invoice Service
  • PersonService
    – Added the possibility to search contacts by Email address
  • FileInfoService
    – Added properties to GetFolderContentInfo to get the root folder of a specified   project or a specified customer.
  • ClientService
    – New method GetTypeGroupList()
    – New Method GetCurrencyList()
  • CompanyService
    – CompanyItem now exposes SaleTypeGroupId
    – CompanyItem now exposes Discount
  • AccountService
    – Changed behaviour for how it handles amount differences. If saveoption = 1, it will ignore any difference if the property AllowDifference is also set to true, else it the difference MUST still be 0.
    – Fixed an issue which caused SaveBundleList to not save bundles that did not have customerId, even though it wasn’t a Ledger account.