Changes week 26

A summary of last months changes to the system. We are currently working hard to finish a new release of the accounting module and are currently on track to release this before July. We have also released a new version of our help files in norwegian and are currently working on English and Swedish versions.




  • InvoiceService
    – New property: ProductionNumber
    – New property: DeliveryDate
    – New property: ReferenceNumber
  • TransactionService
    – New method: GetUserDefinedDimensions
    – Bugfix: Fixed a bug where user defined dimensions caused and exeption
  • CompanyService
    – New method: SaveCustomerCategory
    – New method: DeleteCustomerCategory
    – Better exception handling in bulk saving



  • Buxfix: Fixed a problem with the date filter in the report “Project list”



  • Buxfix, merging orders invoice address
  • Bugfix, made it possible to remove payment method
  • New feature, added display name and reply address for email
  • New feature, when merging orders the system will use the latest currency rate
  • New feature, order number is saved on cart items when merging orders
  • New feature, added <<Item_mergeorderId>> to print. Makes it possible to display original order number after merging



  • New feature, Access control on order states



  • Norwegian VAT report, added column “Invoice number” to the underlying report
  • Incoming payments, bundled reminder payments will now be matched