Changes week 26

Summer is soon upon us and we here at 24SevenOffice are both exhausted and eager, and it is all because of you. We are exhausted because we have received so much feedback from you on our recent releases. We have just launched a new invoice report, dashboard and a new version of the accounting system. We are eager because you have given us so much praise for these last releases that we have a growing fire in the belly. After a couple of weeks with sand between our toes we will be right back at it to improve the product even further. We wish you all a great summer and look forward to see you in August.

Even though our focus has been on the larger releases we have found time for some minor as well

Here is how the new accounting system looks (for those of you who havent seen it yet):


  • Added columns for Project and Department in invoice and order list
  • Invoice created from a salesopportunity will now automatically be linked to the salesopportunity
  • Invoice created from project will now automatically be linked to the project
  • New report! Invoice report, accessible from Report in the left hand menu. Same concept as task report with a lot of exciting new options



  • New widget, Project resources – Activities
  • Added new set of rights to the Old scanning widget to make it work like before



  • SIE Import – added option to include original voucher no as comment
  • SIE Import – added option direct ledger option


File explorer

  • Merging with MS Office documents removed for Mac users



  • InvoiceService
    –¬†GetInvoicesWithRows now returns the RowType (Normal, Text, TextStrong)
    – InvoiceCountry is now correctly retrieved from CRM
    – Fixed a bug in ChangeInvoice where an exception would be thrown if you only changed rows
    – New properties in ChangeItem: CustomerId, CustomerName, OrderDate
  • AccountService
    – New property: DirectLedger
  • CompanyService
    – Fixed a bug causing phone numbers not to update correctly