Changes week 22

Since our development department is hard at work finishing some crucial projects before the summer we have not been able to publish as many changes to the system as we usually do. As usual the API is continuously updated and even though we have a tight schedule we have been able to squeeze in some other updates as well. The largest change of all is that the new dashboard is out and we have already added a few new widgets.


  • Fixed paging on the page where you can link emails



  • Added VAT code 7 in the norwegian VAT return report



  • Speed optimalization and bugfixes



  • CompanyService
    –  Fixed bug when using AltCustomerNo or ExternalNo-properties
    –  New property: VatNo
    – Fixed a bug causing ConsumerCompanyNo to be null in some cases
  • InvoiceService
    – New properties: DeliveryCustomerId, ProductionManager, PaymentReference
    – New read-only property: RepeatingInvoiceId
    – StatusType SuperStore now added
  • ProjectService
    – Fixed a bug in GetProjectStatuses() where the method would throw an exception if Name was null
    – GetMyProjectTasks() now also returns Description for tasks
  • PersonService
    – New search parameter for GetPersonsDetailed: GetRelationData
  • ProductService
    – New Property: WebLink



  • Resource management. Displaying availability as percentage no longer tears the fabric of space and time into shreds of molecular black holes.
  • Added new function in planner that makes it possible to move several tasks at once
  • Added function that makes it possible to complete a task when registering an hour. Great function for all users that track hours on tasks.



  • New version out
  •  Agenda widget will not bother you with tasks that are done
  • Added 5 new widgets
    – Old approval
    – EBIT graph
    – Liquidity
    – In/Outbound payments
    – Task