Changes week 22

Several new features published this week, a lot of them relating to the previously announced changes in May.


  • New method in ProjectService
    GetProjectTasks() returns a list of all tasks on a specified project. All new integrations should use this version of the ProjectService instead of the old one, and you should see an increase in performance if used.
  • New method in ProductService
    AddCategory() This methods adds a product category. You can specify ID, NO, Name and Parent (for sub-categories). Please note that all new methods require the new authentication method. More about that here:
  • New feature in ProjectService
    You can now search on projects using the following parameters:
    ChangedAfter – Returns a list of all projects changed after the date specified.
    StartedAfter and StartedBefore – Returns a list of all projects started before and/or after the date specified.


  • New feature, Sales opportunities linked to a project are now shown in a tab
  • Bug fix, Project result
  • New feature in “Invite group function”, added link to group administration
  • New feature in “Project task report”, now shows more columns to report progress on a task
  • New feature in Multi invoicing, added filters on active projects and removed projects not converted from earlier version.
  • New feature in “Project list report”, now shows contribution rate in %
  • New feature in “Project list report”, now filters on sub status
  • New feature “Not participating participants”, added the ability to add participants without inviting them. Contact support if you want this feature enabled.

Time tracking

  • New hour report
  • Bug fix, date format in Swedish
  • New feature, added the ability to override work type on projects where time tracking is done on tasks


  • New feature, new stock order list published for all users