Changes week 19

Summary of changes made the last weeks. Lots of new features in the API

API 24SevenOffice


– New feature : TimeService.GetWorkTypeList() now exposes the Invoicable property
– New method : TimeService.GetHours()
– Bug Fix : AccountService.SaveBundleList will not throw an exception when comment is empty
– New method : FileInfoService.CreateFolder()
– Bug fix : FileService: Fixed a bug that made the service throw an exception when saving to root folder
– New method : CompanyService and PersonService DeleteNote and DeleteNoteById
– New feature : CompanyService and PersonService GetNotes now exposes the Note Id
– New feature : CompanyService and PersonService AddNote now returns the Id of the Note that was added
– Bug fix : TimeService.SaveHour() Fixed a bug that made method save wrong values on InvoicHour and InvoiceMin
– New feature : AccountService: Disabled the KID validity-checker
– New feature : InvoiceService now exposes DepartmentId.
– New feature : SaveInvoice and ChangeInvoice can save/change DepartmentId
– New method : InvoiceService.GetDepartments() exposes a list of department Ids and names


– On customer or contact you can hit CTRL+A og CTRL+T to create a new appointment or task. The shortcut is disabled if the user has focus in an input field in order to allow “normal” behavior.

Report generator

– Added columns for selecting Customer category ID and Name in the report Salesopportunities.
– The field Supplier product code is added to the report Order
– Made it possible to extract data from custom made tabs in Leads management


– Added sorting of columns in the invoice tab in projects


– Added translation of the report names in the report list