Changes week 14

Since the beginning of this year we have been implementing a new development process. These changes have resulted in updates to the system not being released as frequently as we have done in the past. Now that this process is implemented we are confident that our productivity and the quality will increase going forward. A later post will explain in detail how we work and why we think this process will make the product even better. On other fronts we have released several new features. Our norwegian documentation has got a new and shiny look and texts are updated, more languages to follow, a new developer portal  and a new integration portal has been released. Now onto the latest changes


  • ProductService – New property: ProductSupplierCode
  • ProjectService – Required field: ProjectName when creating a new project
  • TimeSerive – New property: GetWorktypeList:Price
  • Authenticate – New property: Identity:IsDisabled


  • Settings – Bugfix: Fixed a bug relating to default project and department on entry type – New feature: Added ability to select number when adding a new department – Bugfix: Fixed a bug relating to currencies with decimals – New feature: Added ability to change the dates of a previously created accounting year
  • Retrieval – Bugfix: Implemented workaround for the bug introduced in IE11 that made browser crash when clearing fields – New feature: When finishing a stamp number the system will select the next available instead of increasing number by one. Introduced a split button in the next stamp number function that lets user choose between next available and highest available. – Bugfix: Fixed a bug that made currency entered in Retrieval not transfer correctly to Postings
  • Approval – Bugfix: The postings will now update correctly when moving back and forward after entering a new posting
  • Posting – Bugfix: Using + or – to link to an invoice using the invoice field now works correctly – New feature: System flag lets a posting be marked as not to be syncronized with other services (especially useful for customers using the integration with IntrumJustisia)


  • Various minor bugfixes