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New version of Accounting module

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Today we are releasing a major update of the accounting module. We have now been working on retrieval, approval and posting for almost two years and are very happy with both the result and feedback we get from our customers, so this will be the last major update for a while. We will now shift focus to different parts of the accounting module, first up will be the banking module. Stay tuned for updates this fall. Have a great summer, see you in august.


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Changes week 26

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A summary of last months changes to the system. We are currently working hard to finish a new release of the accounting module and are currently on track to release this before July. We have also released a new version of our help files in norwegian and are currently working on English and Swedish versions.


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Changes week 14

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New developer portal

Since the beginning of this year we have been implementing a new development process. These changes have resulted in updates to the system not being released as frequently as we have done in the past. Now that this process is implemented we are confident that our productivity and the quality will increase going forward. A later post will explain in detail how we work and why we think this process will make the product even better. On other fronts we have released several new features. Our norwegian documentation has got a new and shiny look and texts are updated, more languages to follow, a new developer portal  and a new integration portal has been released. Now onto the latest changes Read more…

Release notes Accounting

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Following the release of the new Accounting module earlier this summer we will continue to update the system frequently in the months that follow. This post will be updated with every new release and we will also update you on what we are planning to do.


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